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Originally Posted by aerospace View Post
In Vegas almost every hotel has a resort fee. That way they can advertise a room for $29 cheaper and add it to your bill at the end.

On a cruise I don't mind them charging for extras, most of which I could care less about, but photo prices are just stupid now. At $10 it was a splurge a few years ago, but $25-30 for a photo on the dock now?

I have to agree on the possibility of paying more as the oil increases. Hasn't happened yet as most lines are ignoring it but when it does and you don't find out until the last night of your cruise... hate to be working guest relations that night.
Add-ons make the cruise company a multi billion dollar industry.

Specialty restaurants
Pay for all liquids except water, Iced tea, tea, some coffee,
Gift shop items
Some lines now charge night room service
Art auctions
Fast food joints
And so much more...This is where they make the big bucks.
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