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Day Whatever(?) (lost in time) - in Dubrovnik

First off I have to stay, one week into the cruise and I am missing my wife (Mrs. Kuki. The laundry needs doing. I’m kidding! I’m kidding!

I do miss her being able to find all the things I misplace in the cabin, that I can spend an hour looking for, yet are always the first place she looks. And I truly miss her company.

Last night, shortly after we sailed away from Rome, there was a medical emergency onboard (a heart attack). It was determined that this lady would need immediate care beyond what they were capable of delivering in the ship’s infirmary. They announced the ship was diverting to a small island, off of the “toe of Italy”, where we’d be met by the Italian Coastguard to get this lady to a shore side hospital.

That is such a tough position for the family to be put into. I do hope they have travel insurance, and I wish the family the very best.

Last night was also a designated “Elegant Night” on board. I was surprised to see a fairly significant number of the passengers really “dressing it up”. Perhaps it was the Europeans who didn’t have to worry so much about weight restrictions in their luggage to fly over the pond.

I do think I should make one thing clear… once you’re over 75 years of age, leather pants really don’t look that good on you. It’s just one of mother nature’s rules.

Today’s port of call for the Carnival Breeze was Dubrovnik, Croatia. Dubrovnik is a post card perfect port of call, with a unique history, as it was heavily bombarded during the Serbian War (which was really fairly recent history - 1991.

It’s doing amazing well now, and the walled old city is a fabulous place to wander around, and take in the sites, and stop at one the many cafes. A shuttle into town is 8 Euro per person for a return trip.
As with the trip so far, we had extremely hot weather again today. I went into town with a couple of friends. After a few hours wandering, we returned to the ship, and were delighted to be back somewhere with air-conditioning.
Spoke to some friends who made it for the “Motor City” show last night, which I didn’t make it to. They felt it was fabulous! I’m going to have to make a point of seeing it later in the cruise.

While I sit here a couple of small items, regarding the ship, that I haven’t talked about yet come to mind.

I purchased a soda card at the beginning of the cruise. Except for a couple of spots onboard, where I’ve got to know the servers, it’s difficult to get a waiter to bring a soda, once they know that’s all you’re drinking, and you have the card. I’ve mostly had to go to the bar and get my drinks myself.

For dinner, we have assigned traditional late seating. One of the benefits of assigned traditional dining is you get to know your service staff, and they get to know you, and your likes and dislikes.

That doesn’t apply to the drink waiter here. He came by a couple of nights, I ordered my diet coke, and now he doesn’t even bother coming by.

It makes me a bit angry, because each and every night waiters are stopping by the table at the end of dinner trying to sell everyone “the shot” of the day. It’s sending me the message that if they can’t get “fresh money” out of you, they’re not interested.

Our dining service team is just ok. They are friendly, and appear to be trying, but each night after arriving for 8:15 dinner, it’s at least 9:15 before we’re being served the appetizer portion of the meal. And in some cases half the table is served their entrees, while others might be waiting 10 minutes or more to receive theirs.

The company at our table is great, so we’re just taking it in stride. However I do think it’s worth mentioning, because in all fairness the actual service has not been up to professional standards.

It concerns me some, because they normally bring their “best and brightest” on board to bring out the new ships.

It’s been two years since I’ve sailed Carnival, and I’m just hoping this isn’t the new standard.

On the other hand, I have a wonderful story about “the ship” going above and beyond to try and help.

On day 2 of the cruise, Ray’s electric scooter would not recharge the battery. The ships mechanics looked at it, but were unable to find the problem.

Ray and his grandson Robert were able to identify the problem after a couple of days; it turned out to be a fuse in the charging unit. Once identified, the ship sent them up 7 fuses, just in case.

They had also emailed the scooter’s manufacturer, to find out where they might have a dealer on this itinerary. They did find there was an outlet in Venice. Fortunately it now won’t be necessary to go there, but the guest relations staff really did everything they could to help.

There are a ship load of “under 18’s” on board. I don’t know the exact number yet, but if I had to guess, I’d say between 500 -800. The first few days of the cruise, other than seeing them pass by, they were pretty much un-noticeable.

Now it seems their parents have settled in their vacation, and feel a certain safety factor on the ship, allowing their children a larger degree of freedom on their own.

The passenger guest halls are seemingly being used for track meets, at all hour of day and night. I can hear the pounding of feet from several decks in my cabin, so I assume they must be including a marathon run.

And several groups gather on Promenade Deck, below my balcony, each night from about midnight to late, to serenade me with the “music” from the mini boom boxes, they apparently brought with them.

I walk through the ship late at night and I see young kids laying on the benches in lounges, next to their parents.

It’s not easy being a parent, and parents deserve vacations. However, they shouldn’t put their mind on vacation, and forget they are parents.

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