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Talking Shoot Crap Down The Chute?

And I take issue with your last statement "Crap Chute." It is most always referred to, by English literates, as a Crap Shoot. This may well serve as a perfect example of from whence I speak.
Now this one I love. Shooting craps is in itself a rather exciting picture, conjuring up guys on their knees in a back alley throwing piles of money on the ground. So to call something a crap shoot with the implication that it is an unpredictable gamble is a common idiom.

But, now, on the other hand, a chute is something down which large quantities of something are shoveled. The images conjured up by a "Crap Chute" are absolutely wonderful and a very apt description of many of life's activities!! I love it!!

AND how far off topic has THIS thread now wandered, only to come full circle back to the OP in this delightful fashion!

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