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Originally Posted by Bruce Chafkin1 View Post
Every week on my ship I am required to read all the comment cards completed by passengers.
Fully one-third of them are illegible - every week.

I pass them around the table to my department heads, each one trying to decipher the writing and grammar. In most cases we are unable to determine the message.

In the end, they go into the trash bin.
It's a shame that so many people spend part of their hard-earned vacation time writing (hopefully) constructive feedback that cannot be understood.
This does not suprise me, but I am disapointed in this comment.
When I fill out a feedback card I like to be very thoughtfull.
I make sure to point out, by name, who made my trip special. ( I tip too)
I am very clear about what I like and very clear about how I think things can be improved. I try not to *****... it comes across badly.
It would seem to me, if you like to cruise this is your opportunity to mold the cruise experience.

I do not let my wife fill out the feedback cards. It would look like a prescription.
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