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I booked my first cruise with a travel agent. Not a local one, one I found through the internet that said if I called the 800 # I could get an onboard credit. She was wonderful until I made my final payment, then it was like I never existed.

My wife and I wanted to add our 2 year old granddaughter on our cruise, I could NOT get her to call us back for anything and RCCL would not help us because we booked through a travel agent.

My wife called RCCL, got a supervisor, who after hearing my wifes pleas, made a 3 way call with the agent, who still wouldn't pick up the call. The operator said she was on another line. The RCCL supv. finally got it worked out for me, if it wasn't for her, I am sure my granddaughter would not have been on our cruise.

After that experience honestly it soured us from using a travel agent, because of the hassle of us not being able to deal with the cruiseline itself.

Hope that makes sense, if not I apologize, I think I may have gotten too much sun today.
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