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Originally Posted by Waiting4acruise View Post
I book with Carnival through my PVP. He is very good.
I have booked with TAs in the past. Since Carnival no longer allows TAs to discount the cruise price anymore the TA price is not any better than Carnival's. I had a few issues with Tas in trying to handle booking issues. My Carnival PVP has always been very helpful.
Well I agree with you ,to a point. Carnival keeps changing their website in order to gain more customer profit. Carnival also clamped down on TA's a few years back . Carnivals new policy was no one may offer rates cheaper than Carnival. What I am finding now , TA's have taken a cut to offer the same price that Carnival offers . As well as another cut to offer their customers an OBC ( on board credit ) it may not be much perhaps twenty five dollars .

TA's had to do something in order to survive . Are thay fairing well now?
Border line, Carnival owns to many cruise lines ,so the better part of the market will sail Carnival in the long run, they don't have a choice.

I've booked both ways and I have booked direct , I tend to lean toward the TA in the near future . I'm finding better room location and OBC with a TA. Carnival will charge you more for the same room . .

Just my thoughts .

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