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Originally Posted by Trip View Post
With so many new Carnival devotees, as part of CruiseMates now, I would like to ask a question, which we have bandied about for years now, booking with Carnival, or booking with a travel agent.

It seems to me, there is no other cruise line, that has more people booking directly,and I wonder why the draw?

What does the cruise line give you, that a good travel agent wouldn't do for you, and more? Being an advocate for any issue that might arise, vs, in many cases, just an order taker, that sometimes has never cruised. I asked that question of one years ago,and was surprised to hear she had never cruised.

So, always with Carnival...always a TA, or either or....
I would definitely not book with a TA if you book ES rates. Every time you are entitled to a reduction you must contact your ta and get them to submit the form.

Some drag their feet because when you get a rate reduction the ta loses commission.

Some charge a fee. Much easier booking direct.

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