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Question Voodoo Priest

Originally Posted by iconic View Post
Hey thanks one and all for inputs. I don't know when I will get to New Orleans which seems to be the heart of Voodoo activity in the USA. I will continue to search out activities in the Carribean and report if I do find a safe tour. I am a little concerned that safety has to be a primary concern.

I saw this lead for a tour in New Orleans.
Take a stroll into New Orleans’ legendary St. Louis Cemetery #1 to see historic voodoo tombs and the burial places of the city’s residents, famous and infamous alike. Uncover the mysterious world of New Orleans oldest active City of the Dead!

• An amazing tour of St. Louis Cemetery #1, New Orleans oldest active City of the Dead.
• Visit to the tomb of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau (the 2nd most visited tomb in the country!)

I was sort of hoping they might have a Voodoo priest or priestess leading the tour.
-- well, I hate to disillusion you -- that is pretty much the tour we took in New Orleans. The third person in the picture I posted is our guide -- a very nice older gentleman in a big straw hat. He was delightful, but nobody's idea of a voodo priest I am afraid!

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