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Default Gordon Ramsey should do Hells Kitchen from ships in the cruise fleet

I think it would really be a neat TV show to have Gordon Ramsey doing his new series on ships from each cruise line. First all he would add excitment to the cruise. As he screamed foul words at the chefs and randomlly tasted food and threw it on the deck if he didn't like it. He might even want to do these special cooking classes for cruisemates and really let them know when they messed up. Second, it would be great entertainment - I love to watch him going through his rants and ravings even though they are put on. Third, it may lead to improved menus as he adds his brilliance to the cuisine offered on the ship's menus. Finally, it would help him to put out a new series that will grab the attention of the TV audience. It would also help the cruise industry get positive exposure.
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