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Default Making friends on the cruise?

I'm 15 and I'll be cruising on Carnival in a few weeks time, but I'm a little nervous.
I know there's a teen club called Club O2, last year I went on another ship and although I made some friends, it was hard because I was a little shy.
This time, I'm older, and my fashion sense has matured a lot too (I'm not ugly or anything, just shy).
I'm still not outgoing, but I'm much better around people - still a little shy around new people though, but I talk a mile a minute once I open up to people who aren't intimidating.
On this cruise I don't want to be a part of that boring group who's just standing there, I want to make friends with cool people who know how to have a good time, be crazy, both guys and girls. And it wouldn't hurt if there was a cute guy on the cruise too, any tips on how to have a normal conversation with them - or how to get their attention?
I know I have to go there on the first day, but I'm nervous - I know from experience that I have to make the first move and talk to people, so do you have any tips on how I can start an interesting (and non awkward) conversation, and seem generally outgoing and fun without people knowing that I'm the least bit shy? And more outgoing people sort of intimidate me because I feel unwanted, even though it's so easy for me to make friends at school, but not in new places for some odd reason.
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