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Day 9 - Carnival Breeze - still in Venice

Today was another ď92 in the shadeĒ type of day. Quite a heat wave going on across Europe.

My legs were so sore, from all the walking I did in Venice yesterday, and as Mike talked about his knee doing well, I felt a little pop in mine. So, I simply couldnít motivate myself to do it again. Plus, I feel just a hint in my throat of a possible cold developing. Itís just a tickle, that could be the precursor caused by being out in extensive heat, sweating profusely, and then getting back onto the air-conditioned ship.

If I hadnít been fortunate enough to have visited Venice a number of times before, no doubt I would have been out and about. Luckily, we can rely on Mike to post his Venice experience from a more excited touring perspective. Thanks Mike.

At any rate, I had a very enjoyable day, relaxing, sitting in the shade, and watching ship happen around me.

There were a lot of people coming onboard today, looking like they were either from the shipyard (nearby where the ship was built), or suppliers to the shipyard. They were presumably onboard to work on, or assess different equipment etc. which werenít functioning properly (deficiencies).

If youíve ever done a construction or renovation program on your homes, you know there are always some things that need to be revisited. You can imagine how many more there would be on a half billion dollar ship.
I would imagine they want to insure everything is repaired and functioning as intended before the ship repositions to Miami.

This evening Iíd made a 7 P.M. reservation for Fahrenheit 555, steakhouse for a repeat visit; this time with a couple of long time CruiseMates friends, who I havenít seen for about 4 -5 yrs.

This turned out to be an excellent idea, as we were seated at a window, port side, and got to enjoy a spectacular dinner, with a spectacular view as we sailed out of Venice.

Dinner was even better than on my last visit (if thatís possible). The executive chef came out to visit for awhile, and we expressed our appreciation for our extended bellies.

The service was also impeccable. Though I had only dined there once before, the sommelier recognized me and brought me a fine vintage of diet coke, without my asking.

Somehow we must have just missed Mike and Betty, as he reported they came in to the restaurant after sail-a-way.

There was a headliner in the Ovation Theater tonight; instrumentalist Samantha Jay. She plays an extensive list of different instruments. I watched for about half the show. Unfortunately my ear for music, and as a result my ability to judge itís quality is equal to that of a sofa. But, it was reported by others that the show was incredible, and Samantha Jay received a standing ovation.

Karaoke, in the Ocean Plaza, was packed tonight; standing room only, which is a bit tricky in a room with no walls. People were standing and sitting everywhere.

After some ďcasino funĒ with some of the CruiseMates gang, I headed to the cabin about 1 A.M.

Speaking of my cabin - itís about time for me to give kudos to my cabin steward Roy. He, and his team, have been doing a superb job. Nothing is a problem, and thatís a great attitude.

Iíve sent out laundry for ďwash and foldĒ service a couple of times, and noted 2 day service on the order sheet, but so far, each time itís come back within 24 hrs.

Tomorrow is a sea day, then a stop in Messina, Italy, followed by another sea day, and then the end.

Iíve talked to a lot of passengers so far this trip. 98% of them have almost only positive comments about the ship, and the wonderful cruise.
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