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Anytime Dining on the Conquest is done in the lower level of the forward dining room on deck 3.........The peak time when you may encounter a wait are around 7pm...and on at least the 1st elegant evening there is usually a wait until after 7:45......if there is a wait, they will give you a pager (like in a land restaurant) can go relax at the Lobby bar until you are paged.....

You can ask for a private table for 2 or ask to be seated with others, the choice is yours each evening......

Sister and I love YTD and wouldn't consider going back to traditional dining for any reason.........enjoy the Conquest, I've sailed on her many times.....just really study the deck LHP said it can be confusing and use deck 5 (Promenade) as your main path from the front to the back of the there are such cool places to hang out there.......

Don't miss free sushi on deck 5 midship from 5:30ish to 8 each's a great pre-dinner snack.............

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