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I am a nice guy. I like being a nice guy. I find it easyer to go through life one the agreeable side of things. I try my best to be considerate of others. Heck, yesterday I chased down a little old lady to give her my shopping cart.
I could be best described as intolerant when it comes to feeling like I have been treated in a disrespectful manner. This applys to children and adults. It's just the way I am. I am melowing with age, but man oh man some days...
When a child or adult begins to annoy me, I let them know. I am always a little suprised when people don't act in the same manner. I expect adults to challenge children on bad behavior. Not just their own children, all children. This is how it was when I was a child. I never once heard I'm going to tell your parents. Lets describe it as far more direct
I expect adults to stand up when another adult is acting badly. Now, I realise that the world is not full of people like me, so I do my best to work with nice guy. It's easy to be nice first then escilate. It is really hard to be an ass and back down to nice guy.
I agree with Aerogirl 100%.. take a stand and chase them off. I'm not sugesting anyone be a jerk to every kid that comes near the adult area. I am sugesting we not tolerate kids playing through the adult area. Making noise and hanging out is not OK.
It would be very nice of the line to designate the area adult so when they are chased off I don't have to be the grouchy old dude It would be like kicking them out of a bar. It would make sence.
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