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Default Hells Kitchen and Asti Night on Cruise Ships

In addition to Gordon Ramsey on ships of the cruise fleet There should be an Astis' night on each ship.

Asti - one of New York's most beloved and treasured restaurants where waiters broke into arias. Astis has gone the way of other New York in stitutions as Lüchow's and Mama Leone's.

Every night, the restaurant resounded with the sounds of Italian opera and song. On the ships now they make an attempt to do this by having the servers and chefs do the traditional "O Sole Mio" procession
On Astis night, the servers would have a chance to showcase there talents by doing a medley from "Carmen," during which one of the waiters, wearing a cow's head, cavorts while another sings "The Toreador Song. Audience particiipation is encouraged as cruisemates dress in monks' hoods and parade among the tables to the strains of Verdi's "Il Trovatore."

Astis night could be a lot of fun and combined with Gordon Ramsey running around singing an aria while he threw food at the chefs it would be hilarious
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