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Talking Princess

This was a great post so I want to comment on it ...
Originally Posted by busterboy View Post
Love Princess cruises (they come in 2nd to Holland America Lines which is our favorite)
It is hard for us to decide. When we are on Princess it is our favorite and when we are on HAL it is our favorite.

We never attend the formal nights to eat as the same food is offered upstairs at the buffet
The food is almost the same at the buffet -- ah, but the ambiance! A long relaxed dinner in the dining room with all those beautifully dressed people is a delight to us.

Never would we pay extra to eat in one of the restaurants that charge...what is the need as the others are great!
That is what we said too -- until we tried Sabatini's! It really is outstanding and the extra charge is modest.

Their shore excusions are great but a lot of time we go ashore to explore on our on. Be careful booking outside shore excusions because it the bus breaks down and you do not get back on the ship in have to pay your own way to the next port as the ship will not wait on you. Have seen this happen several times with different cruise lines so make sure you return when you are suppose to.
Very true. However the independent operators are very much aware of this and work very hard to get you back to the ship on time. Honestly in all our cruises we have never seen nor heard of this happening. Actually the riskiest, IMAO, is exploring on your own. Then YOU are absolutely the only one responsible for being back aboard on time. We certainly HAVE seen those who were exploring on their own get left behind -- especially those who were exploring Carlos and Charlie's in Cozumel ...

The pizza at the free pizza restaurant near one of the pools is always fantastic so need to order and pay for one from room service. You can eat as many slices as you want up there...the ice cream is good also.
Have a great cruise and enjoy the great free entertainment and food.
The pizza is pretty passable. The choice is limited, usually two or maybe three toppings. The outdoor grill does good burgers and dogs for free. The ice cream bar at the other end of the pool is great, but it is a modest extra charge. Five bucks for Death By Chocolate is worth it!

Have a GREAT cruise!

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