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We have been to the Steakhouse on many of our cruises. Personally, it is worth it to us as it is a nice, quiet, relaxing dinner with none of the noise that's in the main dining room.

Our most recent experiences have been on Carnival Dream and as far as wearing shorts, no way Jose. On one of our Dream cruises, our luggage wasn't delivered and we were getting worried when it was 6PM and dinner reservations were for 7. My husband had worn shorts to the ship as we live in FL and he wears shorts pretty much year round.

I called the Steakhouse to ask if he could wear shorts and explained why. His shorts were not jean shorts or running shorts etc., just regular dress shorts. I was very politely told that if our luggage didn't arrive by 6:45 to call again and they would be glad to reschedule for another night. Fortunately, within 5 minutes of our call the luggage arrived.

I think on our next Dream cruise which is in November, we will probably go to the Steakhouse two nights as we enjoy going the first night with the free bottle of wine, unless with another cut they do away with that, and then on night 3 or 4 as neither of those night menus are favorites.

We really do enjoy the food there and as I said, the ambiance is wonderful. If they had a larger menu, I would go there every night, but no way could we eat that rich food every night.
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