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Default Carnival Fails with customer service .

For example ,we had graduation kids on board our recent cruise that only wanted to fight and get drunk. So happens these kids did so at all hours of the night. Keeping us awake all hours of the night .One night this kid gets knocked out cold right against our door ! There was blood on the floors on our door and my wife was actually so upset she was crying and terrified to even leave the room at times .

These kids were kicking plates all over the floors that were set out from cabins that had ordered room service.

She called the guest services and was told, someone would check it out.
Next day we find a letter under our door asking us to contact a particular person at guest service. So we go to guest service as requested.

The conversation went like this. Sorry that happen hopfully it wont happen again ,the person could have cared less that my wife was brought to tears.
I requested to be moved to a different location on the ship, Sorry no room avaliable.

Returning home , I get an email a few weeks later.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. xxxxxx

We’re so sorry that the behavior of another guest on the ship marred your enjoyment. While we can’t change people’s behavior, we agree that courtesy and consideration for fellow travelers goes a long way. However, at the end of the day, our ships are much like floating hotels with thousands of people from all walks of life, spending a short burst of time together and it wouldn’t be possible for us to accept liability for the behavior of other guests.

Nevertheless, we are concerned with the impression we left you with and are grateful for the insight your feedback has given us as the safety and well-being of our guests is our top priority. With that in mind, we’ve shared your letter with the relevant departments, so everyone is aware of the situation and can make any changes possible in the handling of incidents like this in the future..

It is always discouraging for us to learn that our guests have returned home disappointed. Please don't let what happened this time around tarnish your entire opinion of us. We'd like nothing more than to welcome you back.

Sincerely, xxxxxxx

So Carnival is like a floating hotel , makes me wonder why I cant bring a six pack of beer to my hotel room .

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