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Originally Posted by Dr Phil View Post
High school from Georgia . Around eighteen ,twenty or so ? Well, I read the email sent to me ( the safety and well-being of our guests is our top priority ) and I'm like , hello we have a kid thats knocked out cold .
Security should have contacted the sponsors or chaperones(laws were being broken!). If the problem still persisted, a call to the HS Principal from the next port would have been my next move. Plus a letter to the Supt. It might not have helped on this cruise but it would make him/her think twice about letting another group out on the loose.
My husband and I have been on MANY HS senior trips and never allow them to act like this. Always told security to let us know if they had any problems.

Of course, if it was just a bunch that got together and parents were the chaperones, you are at their mercy. Some parents aren't any better than the kids. I have seen this scenario on a cruise, too.
We all should follow your lead and kick up a stink to get this behavior stopped. I want the kids to have fun but safely and legally.
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