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I havenít previously posted my disclaimer, asking for your forgiveness.

All of these posts, uploading pictures, and embedding pictures is done either late at night, when returning to my cabin, or early in the morning.

Please forgive all the typos and grammar mistakes. Other than spell check, I do not take time to do any further editing, so what you see is often a ďrawĒ end product.

Despite the errors I do hope you have enjoyed cruising along with me, and Mike.

I leave the ship early Monday morning, to hopefully catch my 8 A.M. flight to North America. Iíll try and post more while Iím passing a few hours in the lounge in the airport in Barcelona.

During my overseas flight I'll try and complete with what I think is a very interesting inteview with Butch Begovich, and get it posted by Tues. or Wed.
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