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Default VIFP question....

first post on new board - woo hoo - thanks in advance for answers....

we have friends that will be sailing with us in October. they currently have approximately 23 days at sea(Red VIFP). With the 7 day they have booked in October that will put them over and into the Gold VIFP. Will they be allowed to attend the :

Gold, Platinum and Diamond VIFP Party
on 5+ day sailings
(featuring complimentary drinks and appetizers)

of course on their last cruise they did attend the past guest party and feel that a 'perk' is being taken from them. they were a little bummed to hear they may not be able to attend.

the only thing i can find is that in the terms and conditions:

Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event a Member books a Cruise in which such Member will attain the necessary VIFP Points to reach a new Level during or by the end of such Cruise (a “Crossover Cruise”), CCL may, in its sole discretion, offer such Member the Benefits offered to Members of the higher Level during the Crossover Cruise.

does this mean that carnival will most likely not give them access to the past guest party(formerly known as). what is this sole discretion? what should they do to convince

let me know your thoughts
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