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I love the Big Brother spoilers ... I found a pretty reliable source of info on who the "returning" house guests will be. If you WANT TO KNOW who they are, highlight the blank space below, if you DON'T want to know, do nothing!

This is all rumor, but seem to be coming true so far. The four returnees are rumored to be Janelle(s6,s7), Mike "Boogie"(s2,s7), Dan(s10), and Rachel(s12,s13) Britney(s12). Though one of these players could change as it is also rumored that one of them have been wavering on doing it since they have been in sequester.
They will be choosing their teams from the newbies and will be coaching them to win the game. The returnees will not compete in comps or the game and when all their team is gone they leave the house. If someone on their team wins they get $100k.

I Think this is an interesting twist to the game


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