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I have to say the "Fun Ship" slogan does connect with Carnival...

You have to feel bad for the OP..I mean you can never get you vacation time back, I should know, I don't get alot of chances to get away.

To be honest, I would not hope the line corrects itself, thats like holding your breath and turning blue..It will all depend upon who the crew and security is while an incident like this breaks out.

The number one thing you can do as a customer (yes you can report the incident and you should, but this type of thing has be going on for years and IMHO will continue)
is to travel when school is in session, that way you know you won't get a huge amount of kids on any one ship.

So which solution sounds better ? Go on a cruise while scool is out and hope the crew and security can handle anything that get out of control or change the time to sail on a cruise.

I also understand that some people can't go on vacation while school is in, but to that you have to hope for the best.
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