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Originally Posted by Truck Cruiser View Post
Never went to a art auction.(I have)
Never used the excersize equipment(I have)
Never not spent less then $500 onboard the ship.(never spent MORE than $20)
Never ate at the Captains table(never)
I in fact did eat at the captains table one night...I was walking past a host one day in a hallway...and asked how does one get picked for the captains table ?
She told me, sometimes its based on how many cruise's you have taken, sometimes its random, and sometimes its who you are. she asked me my name cabin number and how many were with me...that night I had an invitation to the Captains table for the next nights dinner. It would be formal night.

I remember a few things:
We we paraded in a single line to the Captains table( we met away from the MDR)
We were served first, before anybody else in the MDR
We had dipping solution for our fingers after each course
The woman were givin roses
each couple received mini menus, a replica of the real menu for that night
a full table picture was received by each couple (free of charge)
And trust me on this, the portions were huge, much bigger then what everyone else ate.

That was one of my most memorable events that happened to me on a cruise ship.

So you see, for people who do want to eat at the Captains table, just ask someone, and keep asking you never know when you will get the ok.
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