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Originally Posted by Jamman View Post
Tru Dat... We always get #'s 9 or 10, closest to the beach and flowrider.

So I know this thread started w/ HMC, but since it's wandered a bit to GT cabanas....

You mention 9 or 10 being close to the beach/flowrider. Does anyone have a map or anything showing all the cabanas? I know years ago I found one for HMC that really helped us decide which ones to request (9 and 10 ironically!) We're getting a GT cabana for the first time in September and our ship is the second one in port that day. We'd like to be nearer to the Margaritaville craziness...should we request a low or high number?

BTW - I read somewhere that you can now email Carnival's shore excursion email address to request your HMC cabana number...wonder if that works on GT as well?

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