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Talking Never done it

Been to the art auction a few times for kicks, never spent a nickel.
Been to the Captain's VIP cocktail party many times (my DW is a TA), eaten at the Captain's table twice and on one cruise were seated with the Captain's daughter the whole cruise, toured the Bridge, but never visited the Captain's cabin
Never been on an exercise machine on the ship (but since my bypass, that might change).
Never won more than we lost in the Casino.
Never spent more than $100 in the Casino.
Never missed the ship returning from an excursion, but came real close twice.
Never tried the Sanctuary but spend a lot of time in the Thermal Suite.
Until our last cruise I had never had a shave in the salon -- but it is luxurious.
Never had ... UMMM ... on the balcony.
Never played in a Bridge group.
Been to a "meet and greet" for That Other Board, but never for CruiseMates. Why not?
AND definitely --
NEVER missed a meal!!!

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