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Originally Posted by cruise soon View Post
Hello Everyone,
We need information on back 2 back cruises. What happens when you finish your first leg of the cruise? Do you keep your same cabin? Do you have to get off the ship and go through embarkation again? Do you have to set your luggage out the night before? If you are going to be in a port all day and it doesn't leave until 10 pm are you allowed to get off the ship once you have signed in. I hope these questions make sense. Thanks for your help.
B2B's are 2 separate cruises in almost every respect.

If you book the same cabin for the 2nd leg that's the easiest because you don't have to do anything with your luggage or packing up on the last night or anything. You even have access to your cabin all day on embarkation of the 2nd leg even though the rest of the cabins aren't usually available until after 1:30.

You should let your cabin steward know that you are on a B2B. If you have a different cabin for the 2nd leg they will help with moving your cloths to the new cabin but you may not be able to access it until 1:30 like usual.

You should also let Guest Services know that you are on a B2B. They will give you a letter the day before debarkation of the 1st cruise letting you know when and where to meet the next morning to be escorted off the ship, go through the checkin process and get your new S&S card. You may have to wait just a bit to reboard the ship, but it should be well before the embarking passengers get onboard.

Most everything on the ship is closed during this time and the Lido buffet closes around 9:30 after breakfast and doesn't reopen until close to 11am. You may be able to get some pizza though.

If you have purchased liqour on the 1st leg, it will be delivered to your cabin the last night of the cruise and you have it available during the entire 2nd cruise.

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