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Originally Posted by iconic View Post
I figure that they are pulling the Wonder back to Florida and possibly concentrating their efforts on the East Coast. Princess is a nice line.
I always look at the ship how old is it etc. Where it is in its service life.
I cruised on the Celebrity before it was sold and it was a great cruise.

Yes those waiters must have got your orders clear. Did you get escargot on any other nights than Thanksgiving.
Wonder will only be in Miami for 5 months. There are a lot of plans for DCL in 2013, including some major dry docking of the 2 older ships. May of 2013, Wonder goes back to California again via PC.

That being said, one of my managers was just recently on the Wonder for one of her Hawaii trips and he said the ship is in pretty good shape, consideirng her age.

I haven't had a chance to look, but there's a lot of ship shuffling that will be going on soon with the Wonder and the Magic, and skuttlebutt is that DCL will exercise its 2 ship options with MW soon. (This is the umost of skuttlebutt I've heard, and should not be taken with more than a grain of salt, see my .sig at the end of this post.)

Now all that being said ... I am currently approved for all the time off for this 14n cruise as well. Just waiting for it to appear in my discount offers that become available for castmembers. It will finally be my first Disney cruise and I'm quite excited for it. By the sail date I expect to be SCUBA certified and plan to dive most of the ports. Last time I checked Cartegena was the only place that didn't have any dive excursions listed, but that could have changed.

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