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Default Need info fast re: port stays on Iceland/Norway trip

New to this website and forum, but I'm hoping I can get the information I need. I'm leaving on the Caribbean Princess in about 10 days on the Norway/Iceland cruise. I've found a local tour in Geiranger that does everything we want but there's a problem. The ship docks at noon and leaves at 6:00 PM. You must come in by tender. We have two choices on the tour; one goes out at 12:40 (and you're supposed to be on the bus by 12:30) and another that comes back at 4:55.

If anyone has been on this specific cruise, I would really appreciate if you could let me know if there's any realistic chance to get off the boat, in the tender, and into the town by 12:30 at the latest? I was told I could 'request' to be on the first tender, but there's no guarantee and even if we do, that might not be fast enough.

Or, when is the last tender back? (my experience is that it's usually 30 to 45 minutes before departure, but every ship is different). If we're standing on the dock,waiting for the tenders by 5:15 at the very latest, would that be safe planning? FYI, the excursions Princess is selling for that port are listed as returning at 5:15 and 5:30, but I'm still a little nervous cutting it so close since we're going on our own and not 'with' the ship.

Thanks in advance for anyone who has this info.
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