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Originally Posted by buttons16 View Post
I wear nice slacks and shirt to my place of business even though I don't have to. I wear formal attire to formal events, I would rather dress up then down.

Some peope like to dress nicely and some people don't...because you don't does not mean I hold it against you, Its just that I would rather see people dress formal on formal nights.

Crystal cruise in December.

P.S...hope you eys aint bleding...lolol.
Hey buttons, so are you going on a Crystal cruise in December? (teasing)

As for formal night..i have to dress up during my work week with suits/skirts/etc. Plus i attend many formal events for my company that i am expected to dress to a high level. There is something about getting all "gussied up" that makes you feel good about yourself and puts off a certain aura, so i would not have an issue with formal night. However, if there were multiple formal nights, i would lean towards only doing one full on formal and the rest just dressed nicely...i am on vacation you know! I can't impress everybody!
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