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Originally Posted by Trip View Post
I read some scuttlebutt today,and from what they say, if you believe them, is that, Rachel, Enzo, Jeff, Jesse, Ragan and Renny are the only ones in the runnning to come back.

Of the group, who would you like to see? If Rachel comes back, it will be her 3rd summer in the house...I saw a promo for some show with her and Brendon, looking for a house..they are all over the place...!

Of the above, I would like to see Renny,Enzo, Ragan & Jeff back...Jessie I would throw up....With Ragan not being the only gay man in the house ,mght make for some interesting tv..
I received a communication from the Producers of BB today indicating that the 4 mentors are those listed on the site TC referenced .
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