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Originally Posted by Bruce Chafkin1 View Post
Every week on my ship my guests are asking me why we do not have ships sailing from San Diego, LA, Texas, New Orleans, San Francisco, Baltimore, New York, Charleston, etc, etc ,etc.

The answer?
We do not have enough ships to do that.
Right now we only concentrate our limited number of vessels on markets where the profits are the highest.
The proof of this statment is that the cruise companies are looking at the profitable ports. Look at the ports that have closed down, Philadelphia, or reduced their cruise activity signifcantly - Norfolk. Baltimore which also reduced cruise activity when Celebrity moved out. You didn't see cruise companies sending in their ships because the companies didn't see big profits. I think the main reason is profits and the cruise companies are building ships to have capacity waiting for the recovery in the US and Europe to occur. Meanwhile those who are able to afford to cruise are getting bargains
on most cruises.
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