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Originally Posted by irishlizz View Post
I've done quite a few b2bs and my most recent b2b on the Glory (April 2012) the liquor I purchased 1st leg was held until the end of the 2nd leg. If you want liquor for the 2nd round go to the duty free shop the last night of the first cruise, that way you can take your bottle(s) with you when you purchase them.

This was the first time this I have ever had my liquor held until the end of the second cruise.
Yes, they have 'wised up' to this advantage and won't deliver it after 1st leg, BUT all you have to do is wait until late on last sea day when they allow you to take it with you. OKGIRL: I've always had my 2nd cabin before I had to go to immigration. The cabin stewards will prepare the b2b cabins right away so that you can move as early as possible.
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