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Thanks for the reply. After many phone calls to Princess (are there always 40 minutes hold times??!!), I finally got them to confirm that, barring extenuating circumstances, there will be tenders as late as 5:30 from Geiranger. (because there are 2 Princess excursions scheduled to come back then). Our trip is scheduled to end at 4:55, only steps away from where the tenders are. So after a lot of consideration, and e-mail conversations with the tour operator in Norway, we booked the trip. Interestly, the Mt. Dalsnibba part of the tour is on a quasi-public bus ('quasi' because they make the same two picture stops as the Princess tour), so they are required to stick to a strict schedule and far less likely to care (or wait) if someone is not ready to get on the bus and leave. I completely understand the 'better safe than sorry' school of thought, but booking this way not only saved us a great deal of money, but equally importantly, gave us the chance to take a RIB (boat) tour of the Fjord as well as drive up to Mt. Dalsnibba for the glorious views--something we could NOT do with the Princess excursions, as those two trips overlap. I doubt I'll ever be in Geiranger again, and I didn't want to miss the opportunity to do both, so we're taking the chance. If the ship announces on the morning we're in that port that the tenders will stop running earlier than normal, then we won't take the bus part. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed (and double-crossed) that all will go according to plan.

I'll let everyone know what happens....

Thanks again for all the impute...
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