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The video of this couple running was not a " put on "-I was on the the ship
and saw the whole thing. It was the Carnival Glory, which at that time, (approx a couple years ago ) was home ported at Port Canaveral. This video was shot at Nassau, Bahamas on the last day of the cruise.
The ship was already untied, the dock workers had loaded up and left and this couple came running--the man was way ahead of the lady , whom we shall say was a little overweight and couldn't keep up with him. Although they were at the dock, the ship was already moving away from the dock and in order to re-dock and allow 2 people to get aboard when the other 2,999 made it, would have been expensive as the dock workers would have to have been called back, the ship re-docked and etc., which probably would have run into a lot of money.
Fortunately, this was the last evening of the cruise and I imagine they could have gotten a flight to Port Canaveral fairly reasonably and been able to claim their baggage etc.
Lesson learned by two , for sure.
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