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Originally Posted by BigMac View Post
I prefer the grown up food at the sandwitch shop across from Plutos.

I cannot remember the name but directly across from Pluto's and right next to the ice cream is a spot to get fresh fruit and hot sandwiches made while you wait. It was run by a guy with patience to be impressed by.

I have been on the Wonder twice and never tried the room service. I am the tacky guy up before dawn in his PJ's loolking for coffee.

Your question just made me sit back and think about the Wonder. You know, I had no idea there was so much I had not done. I never went to the gameshow, inside bars, only seeen the spa once (wife was booking something in there). Im sure there are alot more.
Heck don't do what I did and wait till the last 3 days to discover adult coffee. I was getting up before the sun and getting coffee at the beverage area. This is bulk made weak coffee. It will do but I like good coffee.
They have a very nice coffee shop on board. Once I found this coffee shop I didn't want to go home. I was on vacation and treated myself to coffee I would not normally drink. The Barista was friendly and fantastic. They had a nice selection of cigars here as well. (not for me but they were there)

The coffee shop is forward at the edge of the adult area.

Dang, I really want to go on a cruise
Is the adult coffee shop open 24-7 or does it open for limited times. If you were out early it sounds like it is open early or were drinking that child coffee.

Ok say that I don't want to opt out of the restaurant routing What is your opinion of Beach Blanket Buffet offers a selection of fine food for everyone in your family. Although subject to change, dinnertime menu items include signature dishes from the Main Dining restaurants and casual dining specials.

Maybe if you wish upon a star and come up with a wad of Disney cash you could take a cruise. Dagnabit. Bazinga.
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