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Default Qsine excellent but....

I had the pleasure of dining in Qsine aboard the Eclipse in December and LOVED IT! My only issue with it was that the server did not really assist us with explaining that everything came in the order you entered it on your ipad... I would have expected a bit more guidance or that they would serve the food in the most palatable progression.

This may see like a bit too much to ask but really, I would have expected that the kitchen has a natural 'order' to when they think menu items should be consumed... my example of this is that last thing we were served (which we ordered last on the ipad) was the ceviche trio... this was COMPLETELY lost after consuming the Indian sampler among the other 7 dishes we had... the ceviche was beautiful but it honestly did not taste very good after everything else we had. (maybe a palate cleanser would have solved this?)

The restaurant is so busy, I think that if the service staff would maybe give restaurant goers a few 'tips' the experience would have been better.

Food was good, the concept excellent but since it is full every night, there is little motivation for the Celebrity F & B dept to improve on the experience.
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