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As a 40+ year old Disney fan, I am a little offended. I think you may have hurt my one feeling

I love the Disney experience and imerse myself in it when I go. My daughter is 15 and I assure you she could care less about Pricesses and Goofy. I however am the worlds biggest kid. I got my picture taken with Captain Jack, Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse. I buy a new Mickey Mouse watch on every trip. I pin trade at every opertunity and have quite a nice collection of pins of which Animal is my favorite!
Disney makes kids out of anyone that wants to be one. When I was a kid I wanted so badly to be grown up. Now I want to make up for that!
I have seen lines where those last kids are not going to get to see a charactor and I won't get in a line like that, but I will not miss a chance charactor meeting.

Disney ALWAYS has two things. Premium cost and lines.

I'm sorry you found adults that paid for the Disney experience an annoyance. Honest, were not trying to bug you, were just having a good time.

How did you like the rest of the ship? What ship did you sail on and what time of year?
I have a trip booked for next summer and can't wait. My wife and I booked it for our 21st anniversary. My daughter is going but I doubt I will see her any time accept dinner.
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