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Originally Posted by oriema2002 View Post
Thanks for your resonse. My wife heard that it is old, that toilets don't flush properly. upholstery is worn, that there's no electrical power when the ship is in port, that cabin stewards routinely forget to make up rooms and the food is poorer than other RCI cruises. A standard complaint is that there are not enough seats in the buffet and people, for beakfast, either sit on the floor or go hungry as with the shore excursion scheduie there is not enough time to eat in the main dining room. This is all from a friend who sailed on her last year who said that the ship was horrible.. My wife is so upset, she wants me to cancel and book on another ship. Do you or does anyone out there know anything about these reports. If I cancel and book on another ship, I will lose thousands of dollars. Your insight would be appreciated.
I think her friend is cuckoo
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