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Originally Posted by Lady Jag View Post
Our answer: Not to buy. No way, no how would I buy cruise insurance. I'm going, no matter what and nothing's stopping me!! I don't care if I'm sick (where else would you be better taken care of) or someone in my family is sick (I know they'd rather have me on the cruise). I cannot think of one reason that would stop me from going on the cruise.

Call me reckless or a gambler, but that's what works for me.
You're reckless AND a gambler. You're inconsiderate too, in saying that you'd happily board a ship when you or a member of your family is sick. You must know how fast infections can tear through a ship, and how your selfishness could easily ruin the vacations of many others.

And, where else would you be better taken care of than on a ship? Almost anyplace. The doctors on ships are perfectly OK by and large, but their facilities are limited, and they're not specialists. If they had the kind of resources that are available on land, nobody would ever have to be medevaced, yet that happens all the time.
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