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Default insurance

I am going with a group of 7, in October 13th oon the dream I am the grandma the kids just do not want insurance, i booked with cheapcruise they have insurance for $59.00 a person for the 7 days, I did have to purchace for everyone in my room and there is 3 I was not going to do it but I am going to purchace it for all my room as it is the only way to get it but I am 63 and sure don't have the money to fly home, or pay out for a hospital in different country. I am not sick but at my age anything can happen. Ihave been on 4 cruises and did not get insurance and all was good but you just don't know any more. My son is 45 and is just against it my grand daughter is 27 they both think I am nuts, cuz I am getting it on my 18 year old grand daughter and her mom. I am going to check and make sure what it cover but my understanding was getting sick or having to cancel. Has any one used this insurance?
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