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Thumbs up Rijstaffel

Originally Posted by sail7seas View Post
Sounds fun but think about the rijstaffel.
We didn't really enjoy it that much......

Of course, that is such an individual taste thing.
There's some great food in Amsterdam.
We have had rijstaffel twice, once in Curacao and once in Amsterdam. It is a dish that is exactly to my taste since I enjoy sampling various different foods. (For those who have never had it ... rijstaffel means "rice table" and consists of a big bowl of rice and an array of side dishes, usually from 12 to 25 different dishes. Some are mild, some are spicy, some are vegetable, some are meat, and they have an array of different sauces. You make a pile of rice on your plate and then try the different dishes on the rice.)

To me it is a lot of fun and something of an adventure. Trying to identify the various dishes, from fried fish skins to spicy pork to green beans in a mystery sauce is challenging.

It seems that rijstaffel is really what Amsterdam is famous for. There is not really, as far as I can find out, any truly distinctive Dutch cooking. I really am not the type to go to foreign countries and look for a good steak or a nice piece of halibut that I could get in San Francisco.

In any case it is our friend's birthday so she will get to pick the restaurant.

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