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Originally Posted by Luanne Russo View Post
I don't think the cruise industry would be interested in pot use, unless they could somehow sale it on the ships. They already have trouble with regular smoking, so why add something else to have to worry about.
Absolutely right. Cruise line PR departments would consider this a "no-brainer." They would simply say that it's not permitted on ships because by definition it is smoking and it has already been determined that smoking is a fire hazard. They would then ban it in the few regulated smoking zones on the grounds that it is annoying to tobacco smokers. They would avoid the "legal/moral" issues completely, and simply ban it as a practical matter consistent with existing policies.

Slam dunk.

Whether people actually do it and get away with it is a different matter. Tons of rules are broken on cruise ships every day. Some are winked at, some are not, and some are undetected. That won't change.
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