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Default An Extreme Cruise Experience

An Extreme Cruise Experience
by Paul Motter

This nuclear-powered "cruise ship" can literally take you to the top of the world


Near the North Pole some 50 people went to the "top of the world" in a hot air balloon during an ice-breaking cruise

There are cruises and then there are expedition cruises. These days, more and more people define a "cruise" as a vacation in a leisurely tropical setting, sitting poolside with a drink in hand. There is nothing wrong with such cruises; just being at sea beyond the horizon is something of an extreme adventure - especially if you have never tried it before.

But what if you want more adventure - far more adventure? Let your imagination run wild and think of the place least likely in the world to reach by cruise ship? How about the North Pole? What if I told you it is not only possible to cruise in the Arctic Circle, but also to take a nuclear-powered ice breaker all the way to the actual North Pole? It is possible on the Russian-built "50 Years of Victory" still owned by the nation of Russia.
This "Soviet-era" ice breaker is actually nuclear

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