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Originally Posted by iconic View Post
New poll says majority of U.S. favors legalizing marijuana
5/23/2012 Chances are the person next to you thinks it should be legal to put that marijuana in your pipe and smoke it. A new Rasmussen poll has found 56 percent of U.S. voters "favor legalizing and regulating marijuana similar to the way alcohol and tobacco cigarettes are currently regulated." The support for legalization is up nine percentage points from March this year, when Rasmussen found 47 percent of us believed in legalizing and taxing marijuana to help extricate the nation from our current financial jam. Fiscally-minded stoners of America might feel somewhat conflicted about such support.
So the question is would you favor allowing marijuana smoking on cruise ships?
I wouldn't but I seem to be in a minority since I don't want it to be legalized.
I favor the legalization of marijuana ,however ,not on cruise ships . I would like to outlaw all smoking .
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