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Originally Posted by buttons16 View Post
1 - Anyone ever think how much bloodshed is spilled by law enforcement officers battleing Pot....everytime you smoke it, you are in one way or another contributing to the bloodshed.

2- Do you really think pot will stop the pain of a cancer ravaged patient...come on....Pot is not a pain killer, it is a mind altering drug...There are drugs that are legal and administered by professionals for people stricken with cancer...
I live in Colorado and I have a medical marijuana card. I use pot nearly everyday. It really helps me to continue to work my job and live a normal life. Honestly, I use it for my pain, but I also use it for recreational, like most people do with alcohol, and see no problem with that.

I have see your posts on many forums and you seem like a nice person and if I met you on a cruise I am sure I would enjoy your company. However, honestly, you do not have your facts straight on MJ.

Your first point, when MJ is legal, like in our state, the production of the MJ is heavily regulated. They actually have cameras recording the grow from beginning to end. Criminal elements have tried to cash in on this but they have been found out because of how tightly this is all regulated.

Prohibition is an example of why making a substance that a large group of people desire to use illegal is really a bad idea. That substance, will always be made available illegally. This is why many law enforcement organizations are in favor of some type of legalization and regulation.

Your second point is just wrong. There have been many studies done about this and many peoples attitudes about this drug have been changed when they or a family member has gotten cancer and then used MJ to help with the pain. There are many documented cases of people using a pure oil made from MJ to treat their cancer with success. These are interesting, but to confirm those results we need scientific studies.

MJ has many active chemicals. It has become known that one of these CBC is really helpful in pain relief. Some of the edible MJ companies here in CO are producing products with no THC (the substance in pot that makes people feel high) but high in CBCs. These are actually legal to sell to the public and can be used for pain relief.

Here is a link to a great site to ferret out info. This link is to the various studies that have been done on pot:

103 Peer-Reviewed Studies on Marijuana - Medical Marijuana -

If you wade through all of these studies they show that it has been proven over and over again that pot relieves pain. Some of the human studies are showing that a small percentage of adolescents can have negative side effects from MJ. This is really unproven as every study that seems to indicate this has another study that disproves it. IMHO, MJ needs to be regulated, like alcohol, to help keep it out of kids hands.

In summary, I know pot relieves pain as it certainly helps with mine. Is it bad for you? The jury is out. Common sense would say that smoking anything is bad for the lungs, however there have been studies with moderate pot smokers that indicate over a 20 year period pot smoking did not adversely effect their lungs. It is known without a doubt at this time, that alcohol is MUCH worse for the health than pot, especially if the MJ is consumed in an edible form.

Which segways me to this -

I know from one of the MJ forums that there are many cruisers who use pot on board. They are not smoking it however, they bring edibles on board and use those. This is very easy to do and there is no problems with security or bothering other people with smoke.

Sorry for the long post, however I am a 60 year old man who has a position of responsibility. I am active in my community and I try to be a good citizen. I also use pot and occasionally have a beer or two. I have studied about MJ before I became a legal user. I know the history of why this drug that was used so widely in the world in the past, became illegal and feared.

The reason that so many people want to see it legal is finally the truth is coming out about this helpful plant. It's not perfect but it can treat a lot of aliments with NO side effects, except being a little high. I can use the MJ in the evening and the pain relief seems to last into the next day.

There are two reason that MJ is not legal today.

1. Ignorance of the facts.
2. Political "football"
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