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Default Specialty treats - I'll pay for turkey legs and frozen goodies

Originally Posted by iconic View Post
I would be happy to pay for the treats that i could get on a Disney cruise if they were offered. I'm not so cheap to think that just because I paid for the cruise I shouldn't have to pay for some extra special food items. Walking around a hot Cozumel pier with a Mickey Mouse ice cream or a frozen banana while all those other cruiseship passengers stare longingly. Oh man how cool.
Great idea.
I have walked the beaches and ports of the Carribean islands and have never found the specialty treats offered at the Disney parks. I would welcome these
specialties since I don't like the booze offered at so many of the local bars and I would prefer these non-alcholic specialties and would happily pay for them. If you think about it what do these ships offer you as you walk off the ship - cold water. What do they offer as you come on the ship - cold water. Why not a frozen banana? i would walk to the Disney ship to get the treat.
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