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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
In over a decade of covering the cruise industry, I've never heard of a case of someone being kidnapped on a cruise ship.

The logistics of removing someone from the ship undetected make it a very unlikely scenario.

It is much more possible someone would be kidnapped on land; possibly in a port of call.

In that case I'd imagine one would have to start with notifying local authorities, and in addition, one would probably be wise to notify the State Department or representatives of the government you are a citizen of.
The original inquiry was what if you receive a phone call or email demanding
ransom for a kidnapped person. The question was not if the person was on a ship or on an island. Anybody who kidnaps somebody on a ship is crazy. Although if you look at the statistics about people missing from cruise ships might lead to another question about ship security, but that is another matter. The experts might want to discuss this question.

How about this for a scenario. What do you do if you do get a ransom phone call or email and there is a time deadline which is short and the "kidnapped" person is known to be traveling in the area where the phone call or email originated? The payment is to be made in some remote Jamaican town. You have called the local authorities, They tell you you have a choice pay the ransom and they will track the money or donot pay the ransom. The person kidnapped is a much loved mother-in-law and your wife is going to make your life hell if you don't save her and the ransom is only a thousand dollars. What do you do?
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