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Default Cruise Video Scavenger Hunt - Just For Fun

I put together a video from my Carnival Triumph cruise in 2010 from New Orleans. I decided to make it extra fun for the viewers by creating a series of scavenger hunt type questions that viewers can do just for fun.

The scavenger hunt was created by me and is just for fun. There are NO prizes or rewards except inside you can know that you participated. There is no official answer key made yet. (I am still working to get the answers.)

Link To The Video: Carnival Triumph - 4 Day Cruise - YouTube

For best options have two browser sessions going. One with the video and the other with these questions. Comment your answers in this thread to let everybody know what you got. (The questions are in a close order, but not 100% exact.)

Here Are The Questions For The Just For Fun Scavenger Hunt:
1) How many times do you see the ship's lettering of "Carnival Triumph" written anywhere on the exterior of the ship?
2) How many times do you see a Carnival Funship tail (throughout the entire video)?
3) How many pictures of the ship's navigational bridge do you see?
4) On the picture of the pizza menu how many different selections of pizza do you see?
5) At 0:08 how many dumpsters are lined up on the pier?
6) At 0:09 how many vehicles can you see lined up on the dock?
7) What is the other ship docked by my ship while in Cozumel?
8) How many days long was my cruise?
9) At 11:38 when the Carnival Ecstasy is being shown how many deck chairs do you see? (Includes waterwork area and adult only area)
10) At 11:45 how many umbrellas can you count?
11) How many pictures did I take of the aft lounge?
12) How many times did I take a picture of the ship's atruim?

The Hardest Question: Can you guess what deck of the ship my balcony stateroom was on?

I hope you will try this scavenger hunt! You may have to watch the video a few times to get the answers. For questions that are for throughout the video you should try to keep a tally sheet.

Make sure you comment your answers and remember this is just for fun!
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