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Originally Posted by Dhill View Post
Your first point is a good arguement for legalizing pot.Just think how much money is spent on the war agaisnt pot and how many people are crowding are overfull prisons for pot related crimes! Now if it was legal there would be no need to have a so called war on pot or blood shed I also wonder how much money a tax on pot would raise? As far as your secound point you have no idea what makes some people feel better or not .Are you a cancer ravaged patient? I would think until you are in that situation you have no idea.It just seems odd to me that some people are so against pot and yet they partake in the comsumption of alcohol,I know alcohol is legal and pot isnt yet,But why are people so concerned with what the other person is doing if someone wants to smoke a little weed once in a while I could really care less. By the way I do not smoke anything any more back in the day now that was a diffrent story but that all came to a quick end when my wife told me she was pregenant with are first child.
Today Feds made biggest designer drug bust in USA

Buttons is right about the cost of the drugs. When a pound of pot sells for $4000 a pound there are a lot of people ready to kill to make this kind of money in a lousy economy. It's not only the druggies who are killing each other and cops. People are being shot in US national forests where drug farmers are raising their pot. The sad thing is that the payoffs can be so big that it entices the law enforcement to get a piece of the pie. It also is sad because casual users don't really care about how they are paying for this violence and they don't care about their health and the costs to the health system. Of course now we have national medical care so they don't have too worry about their care and possibly even their supplier of pot.

You know the thing about smoking pot or even cigarettes on cruise ships is that secondary smoke affects others as others on this thread have pointed out. Unlike alchohol, the smoke effect can be on the smoker and anybody around that person. On cruises when I passed these smoking sections, I have noticed the stench emanating from the smoke and this meant that my lungs were being impregnated by the carcinogens. As a side note, I have met with older men who are on oxygen tanks because of lung problems and they say if they had only known when they were young what they do today they wouldn't have lit up a cigarette. The ever-increasing cost of tobacco products and increasing rate of mortality among cigarette smokers will eventually clear up this problem.

The new threat is that people who will not be smoking pot on cruise ships will be using designer drugs. For those who do not know - a designer drug is created by changing the properties of a drug that comes from a plant—such as cocaine, morphine, or marijuana—using the tools of chemistry. The resulting “designer” drugs typically have a new, different effect on the brain or behavior.

Since many designer drugs are created in illegal labs, their ingredients and potency (how strong they are) vary a lot, making it nearly impossible to know what is actually in them or what they can do to you. For example, Ecstasy tablets are often contaminated with other things, like ephedrine (used to treat allergies and asthma), ketamine (an injected anesthetic given for minor surgeries), and methamphetamine (another illicit drug). It is not surprising that these unknown mixtures can cause dangerous side effects, such as seizures, memory loss, coma and even death.

The Fed raid today was in the USA I wonder if any raids were made on cruise ships.
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