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Originally Posted by omnipotent View Post
Buttons is right about the cost of the drugs. When a pound of pot sells for $4000 a pound there are a lot of people ready to kill to make this kind of money in a lousy economy. It's not only the druggies who are killing each other and cops. People are being shot in US national forests where drug farmers are raising their pot. The sad thing is that the payoffs can be so big that it entices the law enforcement to get a piece of the pie. It also is sad because casual users don't really care about how they are paying for this violence and they don't care about their health and the costs to the health system. Of course now we have national medical care so they don't have too worry about their care and possibly even their supplier of pot.
A really great argument for making pot legal.

Sorry, but your incorrect about pot being bad for your health. Studies say the exact opposite.
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